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What do I need to know about Advertising?

Advertising is an investment in growing your business and increasing visibility.  This in turn should increase your sales and revenue as well as build brand awareness.

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How much should you spend on advertising to get the best results?

For all businesses large and small, money needs to be spent wisely. So when it comes to advertising, how much money should be invested?

We think the best strategy is to think in terms of effectiveness rather than cost. Spending a small amount on advertising which does nothing for your business is a waste of funds but investing a larger amount into a really succesful campaign will earn much more than you put in.

Successful start-ups will know that cost-efficiency is not just about budgeting and investing in tactics that are cheap; it’s about the added return that you will gain from the investment.

Invest in digital advertising campaigns

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising is not only the latest media available it is also rapidly becoming the biggest and the best. The biggest in terms of having a network of screens across all major towns and cities in the UK as well as public transport and train stations and the best because of the sheer volume of people reached.

These high definition screens are perfectly situated to reach maximum numbers of consumers every second of every day. The visuals are highly engaging and appealing to the eye, guaranteeing that the ads will be noticed.

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