Business Start Ups

How professional business advice can help

Starting a business is not to be considered lightly, there is risk of course.

Managing the risk is a key element in success and comes in some part from being able to more clearly define the likelihood of success and identifying and putting in place the vital resources that are needed to move the business forward.

For many, they feel quite competent to do this on their own. Others benefit from the support of a network of people and organisations around them to some degree or other.

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So what does it take to be ready to start a business?

The majority of clients who contact me about starting a business only have an idea in their heads. They don’t have a business plan, they haven’t saved up the cash they need for capital expenditures, and they haven’t thought through the costs of actually running and marketing the business.

All of these entities are requirements for setting yourself up for success; skipping any or all of them can cause you to stumble later on down the line.

It’s important to note that creating a solid brand takes time and varying amounts of cash. Click here to see ways of marketing your business.

Have you calculated how much money you need to create a website, create your image and brand identity, and create your marketing materials?

Have you saved up the money to cover those costs?

And if not, are you trying to get started on the cheap by hiring the most inexpensive help possible, thereby setting yourself up for failure before you even begin?

Start ups in the fashion industry 

Prepare for manufacturing
Knowing where to produce the clothing line is an extremely important decision.

A small business may choose to manufacture its products, but outsourcing should also be considered. Make sure you have created a clothing line and you know exactly how you want it to look e.g. make sure you’ve nailed your dress making patterns if your creating dresses so you don’t end up with something you absolutely hate go alongside to the manufacturing company and show them exactly how its meant to look like.

Establish a pricing model
Making a profit off the clothing line is necessary to the business’s success, profit comes from making more revenue than the fixed and variable costs combined.

Fixed costs are expenses that have already been invested and cannot change.

Market the clothing line

Build The Brand: A clothing line is identified by its company name and logo, so selecting appropriate ones are essential. Other ways of building your brand includes product sampling. Hire promotional staff using an agency and give out samples of what your company has to offer. This can attract new business as well as building and improving relationships. Also, ask about branded events.
Identify The Target Audience: This is key in any marketing plan. Clothing lines designed for business women need to target business women.

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